Lara’s return to the helm of West Indies Cricket

One is not quite sure who really managed Lara at the time and whether or not he was ever given to understanding and appreciating his own place in cricketing and sporting history, generally.
When Lara was captain of the West Indies team he seemed too distracted to make a positive impact.
He took over from Courtney Walsh in a manner that the people of the region did not particularly like. Many felt that Lara forced his way on to the captaincy and that he did so by undermining Walsh.
Some may recall that it was once thought that Lara was responsible for undermining Richie Richardson as well.
Lara’s tenures as the head of the West Indies team seemed forever mired in controversies of one sort or another, something that he did not appear capable of managing fairly well.
Lara’s temperament did not seem to facilitate the captaincy of the team. He did not appear to have had the respect of and full cooperation of the rest of the players and may well have been caught up in some sort of divide and rule politics within the team itself.

The batting genius
There is little doubt among the connoisseurs of sport and especially cricket, that Lara is one of the greatest batsmen the game has ever seen.
The legendary Garfield Sobers first saw Lara in the annual Schools Tournament that bears his name in Barbados. The great cricketer announced without fear of contradiction that Lara’s potential for greatness was immense and it was soon going to be his time to dominate the game.
Lara’s extensive array of strokes ever since he was at the Primary School level allowed him to stand out in each year that he played school’s cricket.
When Lara made his first double century in Australia, the great Don Bradman went to the game to see him play first-hand. At the time, Bradman was certain that Lara was about to break Gary Sobers’ 356, in the very match.
Bradman indicated then that Lara was going to be one of the game’s greats.
Later, the wily Shane Warne commented on how he called upon his skipper at the time, Taylor, to seek to have Lara’s wicket by the run our route, since everything else had been tried and proven useless against the young cricketer.