Lara’s return to the helm of West Indies Cricket

Old or new wine
Lara’s return to the captaincy of the West Indies team comes at a time when there are many youngsters trying to earn representative status.
It is time when the WICB’s is preparing to host the prestigious World Cricket Cup and would really like the home team to give good account of itself throughout the competition. The region would be under the global microscope like never before.
It is also a time when West Indians are enthused about Trinidad and Tobago’s qualification for the World Football Cup taking place in Germany later this year.
This is an important phase in West Indies cricket.
The WICB is seeking to rebuild the game in the region at several different levels.
The Board is seeking to restructure itself to adopt a more business-like approach under strong and efficient management.
The WICB is aggressively seeking out the services of former greats to assist the team building process on the field of play.
Former captain, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, readily threw in the towel having been convinced that the sheer weight of the job impacted negatively on his performance as a batsman and relatively accomplished fieldsman. His maturity in making this decision must be commended.
The relative youthfulness, inexperience and inconsistency that characterises the majority of the other players on the West Indies team seems to have left the WICB little choice but to turn to Lara, in spite of the weak performances of the home team under his two former stints as captain.
Lara has indicated that he was approached by some of the region’s greats to be of service at the helm of the team’s reconstruction.
He seems to think, like some of those who approached him, that he does have the experience, the skill, the managerial capacity and the eagerness to undertake this major challenge so late in his competitive life.