Laziness killing our cricket

The coaching of cricket in St Vincent and the Grenadines therefore leaves much to be desired and must be reviewed if the game is to develop to any level that we can deem worthy of our support as sports enthusiasts.


There is a general sense that many of our sportsmen and sportswomen are lazy. There are continued complaints that, as is the case with so many other aspects of their lives, many of our athletes believe in the use of short cuts to success.

Perhaps this is the reason why so many coaches have given up on athletes in different sporting disciplines. However there also appears to be a generalised laziness among coaches as well since so many of them seem to forget that it is one of their challenges to encourage greater participation in the respective sporting disciplines and to engage them in regular training to develop the appropriate skills.

One is uncertain as to how it is that our coaches and sportspeople involved in cricket can expect to attain the very highest levels in their sport of choice without engaging in the hard grind that ensures success. There is no short cut to success in sport that can be deemed fair.

The Australian cricket authorities have long since understood this fact and have followed the examples set by the government in the development if sports academies aimed at systematically developing the identified talented athletes in the respective sporting disciplines.