Laziness killing our cricket

Our own laziness has filtered through to every level of the sport of cricket and it is this fact that allows the odd talented individual to emerge but only to shine briefly.

The experience of Darren Sammy in the recent past should stimulate our cricketers to understand just how one should approach the game. He seems more than most to appreciate the misfortune that seems to befall cricketers from the Windward islands who have made it to the West Indies team and so he seeks as the first St Lucian to achieve this feat to excel at every opportunity afforded him. He may not always succeed but one can see him making yeoman effort. He is certainly not lezy and seems determined to fight to maintain his place on the team.


As is the case with football, the cricket fraternity now benefits from increased developmental funding. The Stanford commitment to the development of the game in the region has enabled the cricket association here to fashion a development strategy.

Over the next weeks and months we would look at the approach of the cricket association to redressing the loss of popularity of the sport and the unfolding of a grassroots talent identification programme.

The rural tradition must be built upon and the new home of the association at Buccament should offer some interesting initiatives.

The time has come to end the laziness and better develop our cricket.