Legacy must mean making our fields available

Mann’s point is really that legacy is not something that happens by chance or mere accident but rather is the result of the most astute planning. This prompted him to declare, What legacy is not is an exercise in trying to find a use for permanent venues built for an event. It is not about short-term, unsustainable projects and it’s not about expenditure, but investment.
Mann suggests that, It is never too early to start and that means setting out to define specific objectives… It requires an organisation to act as a legacy champion and to pull it all together and lead thinking.

The Vincentian experience
Following on the successful failure that was our hosting of the CWC2007 warm up matches here in St Vincent and the Grenadines the LOC has become little more than an historic relic, something condemned in large measure to the dung heap of Vincentian sporting history.
There are many who would suggest that while the LOC used the word, legacy, with great frequency, there was never a sense of the membership ever really grasping its significance. This may well have been the reason why, despite the relatively poor document that attempted to identify the elements of our legacy in the hosting of the matches there are few, if any, Vincentians outside the membership of the LOC, who could in any way relate to what was stated.
By and large therefore the average Vincentian does not understand the legacy concept as it relates to what has been done, especially the developments to our playing facilities, in the name of the CWC2007.
Perhaps we may do well to bear in mind that St Vincent and the Grenadines is not alone in this blighted experience. Several of our Caribbean neighbours have similar horrendous tales to tell.