Legacy must mean making our fields available

Lack of involvement
The LOC seems to have declared itself the sole determinant of what should constitute the legacy of our involvement in the CWC2007. No other sporting organisation in St Vincent and the Grenadines, except perhaps the Cricket fraternity, was involved in any aspect of the planning for the facilities. None of the other users of any of the facilities that were re-worked for the CWC2007 were involved, especially Athletics, Football and Rugby.
No one in the LOC has ever been able to offer an explanation for this obvious deficiency. In the absence of any such explanation it can only be assumed that the aforementioned sporting organisations were not intended to be involved in the legacy relative to the utilisation of the facilities.
If we are to take anything from Mann it must mean that people are to be involved beyond being mere spectators of the process.
Mann’s point that the legacy actually creates long-term benefits if the issues are approached correctly and positively is instructive and must have escaped the membership of the LOC. It is not possible to have conceived of any legacy relative to the facilities that have been re-worked and not ensure the full involvement of other users and potential users.
In many respects it appears that the LOC acted more in direct response to the dictates of the CWC2007 big wigs than to any local concerns.
When some organisations sought to ascertain whether or not consideration was being given to their needs in terms of storage space and other related matters it was difficult to get a response beyond the availability of space for Cricket.
Mention has been made of arrangements for a 400m track to be placed at the Arnos Vale # 1, but this is not possible, not if we are talking about the IAAF regulation track. It has not been possible to establish a 400m track at this facility that meets the IAAF standards in terms of size of curve and of the straights. The only way a 400m track can be placed inside Arnos Vale # 1 is if we are doing a barrel hoop, which is unacceptable in these times.
Additionally the heavy sand base that has been laid is totally unsuited to the preparation of athletes for the sprint event. It does not facilitate sprinting. Instead it is an option for conditioning work.
Football has not really been involved in any discussions relative to the placement of a facility there when needed. The same is true of Rugby.