Make room for the Geriatrics

Development or underdevelopment
In the realm of the sport development process, except in very rare instances the inability of sporting organisations to consistently have a flow from introduction to the sport to growth and maturation to the youth, junior and then elite levels of competition reflects very poor planning and administration.
This must be the case in Trinidad and Tobago and here at home where we seem to believe that we have to keep some players from retiring so that we could get a team. There must be something wrong when in a sport like football countries have to be recalling aging players upwards of their mid-thirties to play at the highest competitive level given the experiences of the past in the very sport.
There is something wrong with the development strategy, if one exists at all. This is the reason critics can continue their appeal for the provision of the programmes being used and the personnel charged with the pertinent responsibilities for overseeing this development.
Lance Armstrong may well go on to win another Tour de France but it would still leave us all wondering, what has happened to others in the sport? Is there an overall development strategy designed to produce cyclists who would some day challenge Armstrong’s achievements?
We would be forced to ask whether the sport belongs only to those superheroes that come along once in a lifetime.