More development – less talk

The decision to commit Arnos Vale # 1 and # 2, Sion Hill and Stubbs playing fields to the CWC 2007 without at the same time allocating resources in sufficient supply to upgrade others as suitable replacements for ongoing training and competitions of those who used these former facilities is reflective of the disrespect for sport and sports administrators by those responsible – a truism that bodes no good for the genuine development of sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

SVG – Cuba sporting relations
An example of the extent to which there is more talk than genuine developmental concerns for sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines is our relationship with Cuba.
St Vincent and the Grenadines has long been involved in discussions with Cuba at the governmental level. The Mitchell administration made a significant breakthrough when it was decided to employ Vincentians and other Caribbean personnel trained in Cuba and this at a time when Eugenia Charles in Dominica dared to do otherwise and embarrassingly suggested that the degree programmes were not of any high standard. There have even been documents signed by both parties relative to our ongoing relationship. Sport was supposed to have been among matters discussed.
Alfred Bynoe was involved in some of the discussions relative to our sporting relations with Cuba some time ago.
But under both the NDP and the ULP there seems to have been little by way of positive action undertaken in respect of building on the relationship established with Cuba in the area of sporting development.
In neighbouring Grenada and St Lucia Cuban coaches have been utilized in different sporting disciplines.
In 2005 Trinidad and Tobago, for the first time, brought in several Cuban coaches to aid in the systematic development of particular sporting disciplines.
The embarrassment is that here we are having established relations so far back and yet the one area in which we could immediately benefit from Cuba has been left unattended in terms of action.
Our politicians talk too much.
There is every reason for us to seek assistance from Cuba in the development of boxing and volleyball as well as athletics. These are areas where they are strong and where they are likely to help us move forward.