More development – less talk

Always the assignment must be for them to aid in developing our personnel so that they can undertake the tasks for themselves.
In St Vincent and the Grenadines we do have some very good coaches but lack the resources. That situation would not immediately change whether or not we have Cuban coaches or coaches from anywhere else. Any bilateral agreements in respect of sport must ensure that our governing bodies are able to make inputs that would genuinely aid in the elevation of their sport, inclusive of the facilities available t
o them.

Stop the madness
National sports associations must strive to raise themselves from slumber and engage in the systematic professionalisation of their operations at all levels. Greater emphasis must be placed on training at all levels within these organizations. Administrators must employ fundamental managerial skills and expertise to their work in the respective sporting organizations and encourage coaches and technical officials to strive after excellence through ongoing education.
Where they lack appropriately qualified persons they should embark on a major drive to attract them while training others to higher levels of competence.
Sports administrators must begin to engage in long term planning of an order that facilitates necessary interfacing with government in respect of the overall development strategy for sport in the state.
Barbados has undertaken to forge ahead with sports tourism. Trinidad and Tobago is developing a mega sports complex in an effort to position itself as the major sporting centre in the Caribbean. St Vincent and the Grenadines appears to be twiddling its thumbs.
National sports associations cannot afford to sit idly by and wait on the government to elevate sport in the society. Instead, they must push government into action; forcing the government from its inertia and political myopia.
National sports associations must stop seeing themselves as the home of those who failed academically but rather as institutions with competent personnel capable of contributing to the overall well being of the society and to the enhancement of its image in the regional and international arena.
National sports associations must ensure that the government commits to the progressive march forward to successful integration onto the national development agenda rather tan to their historic delivery of empty promises or the construction of facilities when and wherever politically opportunistic.
National sports associations can play a major role in stopping the madness.
Let us have less talk and more development.