More lip than service to Sport – Part I

Since the initial contribution of the Libyans, the Government has left the national stadium in the annual Estimates presented to the Parliament in each successive year. For a number of years the Estimates maintained that Libya was the source of funding yet no additional monies were received from them.
The end result was the removal of squatters on part of the land allocated to the national stadium and the grading of the land.
The Comrade is correct in indicating that a new contract was recently signed with ARUP. This was the second design contract. The first contract was awarded to TVA Consultants Ltd. The nation was offered no reason for the change in the firms involved.
The national stadium is seemingly on hold. This has been the case for some time.
The Estimates reveal that there was no actual capital expenditure on the national stadium in 2005. The revised capital expenditure for 2006 is $5m and we are told that it is for designs and construction. There still is no work at the site in Diamond.
The Estimates for 2007 in terms of capital expenditures (utilising external loans) on the national stadium is $2m, with projected capital expenditures (utilising external loans) for 2008 and 2009 being $10m and $5m respectively. One is at a loss to therefore understand how it is that we are anxious to construct a national stadium for the nation’s youths but the capital expenditure (utilising external loans) is expected to drop in 2009 rather than perhaps even maintain the 2008 level. Presumably we would by that time have enough local monies to complete the job. The fact is that the projected cost of the national stadium now stands at $50m. It is extremely difficult to see us raising those monies on the local scene.
The football and athletics fraternity are still in a holding pattern.
The budgetary allocation continues to be scheduled but with nothing by way of sources of the funds. The sports that would benefit most from the national stadium are not in any way involved in the decision-making process.