More Lip than Service to Sport – Part II

The Sports Council Act places the NSC in very clear terms as the organisation responsible for the Government’s sports facilities. For some as yet unknown reason the mandate of the NSC continues to expand almost beyond recognition. The NSC is the forum for national sports associations to make submissions for annual assistance. However and unfortunately the system turns in on itself.
The NSC’s allocation of $410,000.00 from the Minister of Finance, for example, does not allow it to service national associations with any sort of financial assistance. Indeed it can barely service itself. What happens therefore is that the NSC merely takes the submissions of national sports associations and re-route them to the National Lotteries Authority, NLA, with appropriate recommendations for funding.
Thereby hangs a tale. The NLA does not always act positively on the recommendations of the NSC hence many an association finds itself lost, being forced to scale down its plans and hasten to source funds from other sources.
On many occasions national sports associations are made out to become beggar maids rather than the national institutions they are supposed to be in fact. 

Division of Sports
The Budget Estimates leave the Division of Sports with an allocation of $824,788.00 for 2006, up from $753,967.00 in 2005. Projected Expenditure Estimates for 2007 through to 2009 are $842,717.00, $855,588.00 and $868,931.00 respectively. Before we jump to too many conclusions however, the personal emoluments that are included in the aforementioned figures are relatively high: $246.171.00 (2005); $257,508.00 (2006); $257.857.00 (2007); $268,172.00 (2008); $278,899.00 (2009).
Perhaps what is most disturbing when one evaluates the budgetary allocation for the Division of Sports is the low level of priority (if one can call it that) accorded training, $6,407.00 (2005) and $10,000.00 for each of the years 2006 through to 2009. It therefore seems understandable that the staff at the Division seem not to be the beneficiaries of any real training to facilitate their skills and administrative development.
Local Travel and Subsistence was accorded $29,490.00 in 2005 and $50,000.00 for each of the years 2006 through to 2009. This may well be a cost saving measure. However one wonders the extent to which those in receipt of travelling are in fact using their allowances to ensure that the sport development process benefits the nation.