National Stadium Mockery Politics

Youths do not beg the politicians for much. They often seek education, employment and sporting opportunities. They do not call on the politicians to make promises. Indeed, youths are perhaps anxious for politicians to desist from making promises at all, to say nothing of promises that they cannot keep or would have great difficulty in meeting.
Perhaps the unkindest cut of all, as far as youths are concerned is for the government to be lacking the will to do that which is promised. This is the case with the proposed national stadium. The reigning ULP does not possess the political will to make the decision that needs to be made for the national stadium to be constructed.

There is much to be criticised in respect of the process undertaken thus far by the government in respect of the proposed national stadium.
The initial Stadium Committee was appointed by the Prime Minister. It was he who announced that he wanted to ensure that the two most critical users of the facility, football and athletics, were appropriately represented on the Committee. At the time of the announcement neither of the two organisations had asked to sit on the Committee. The Prime Minister nonetheless appointed St Clair Leacock of football and Keith Joseph of athletics to the Committee.
The decision to remove Keith Joseph is yet to be adequately explained and the leadership of the Stadium Committee, Garth Saunders, remained mum on the issue, leaving it to be construed as essentially a political decision. If that were indeed the case then one would have expected that integrity concerns would have facilitated a  speedy resignation of the Chairman and/or some of the other representatives. Only St Clair Leacock stood on integrity and immediately offered his resignation in support. The failure of the other members in this regard leaves one to assume that they are either afraid of the Prime Minister or are themselves willing to play the political games that appear evident at every stage.
Over the past several years we have heard precious little from the leadership of the Stadium Committee outlining the process involved and any indication of the timelines associated with the realisation of the sporting arena.