Needed: A Sports Facilities’ policy

Cricket continues to be the major beneficiary of facilities despite its loss of popularity. This fact has emerged as a result of the historical development of the sport having been brought to the region by the colonisers, played by the locals to the point of international dominance. At one and the same time the attention given to cricket here reflects the class status of the sport and its historic significance as a means of struggle against the colonisers.
Football continues to grow in popularity yet has never really been seen by the authorities as sufficiently important to deserve adequate facilities of the order delivered for other sports in the nation. This may also be reflective of the perceived class of those who dominate the sport.
Across the nation there are several sports facilities constructed in areas not always consistent with the population locus but rather responsive to the dictates of political expediency.
The Calvary playground should never have existed had it not been for the political expediency of the last general elections for the ruling regime. It stands as a classic example of what should not be done yet what is the preferred option by the politicians of the day.
Too many playing facilities have been hastily prepared and hence fail to meet the growing demands of the populace, to say nothing of the requirements of the sports’ international federations.
The London Playing Field has been under rehabilitation for some time. Most of the work has essentially been completed yet the field is not to be used until it is officially opened – more politics. The politicians often ruin sports due to their own ignorance of what it involves and its overall impact.
They see sports as little more than one of the avenues of accessing the youth vote. That is the reason for the inclusion of large segments in the manifestos in respect of sport. The reality is political trite; mere political rhetoric and political gimmickry.

Biabou – an example
For many years Biabou has revealed itself to be an area where there is great interest in sport. One has only to attempt to pass by the playing field when football is in session and this reality hits home.
Over the years it should have been quite clear to the authorities that Biabou is in dire need of an adequate playing field. Instead of identifying an appropriate area for the construction of a proper playing field the authorities have continued to show gross disrespect for the community by merely tinkering with the existing inadequate and odd –shaped facility that does not even fit as an excuse for a playing field.