Needed: A Sports Facilities’ policy

Over the past several months the National Sports Council has been attempting to do some repair work on the Biabou playing field. It is a ridiculous situation. For one thing it seems that some decision was taken to raise some sections of the field to give the appearance of a level surface before the planting of grass was initiated on the raised areas.
Whoever was responsible for the elevation of the sunken areas must not have had any experience in regard to the task that was required. The sunken areas have not really been elevated to the point where the field can be considered level by any stretch of the imagination.
The earth placed in some areas has been duly grassed and the extremity to the southern side of the playing field has been taken to the limits of the
available space.
There simply has not been enough earth placed on the field to make it level; not that there is not enough earth available from other parts of this country. The result is that the field may end up being grassed but certainly far from level and no real benefit to the sportspeople of Biabou.
Generally the NSC can at best be credited with playing politics with the Biabou playing field. At best it is a patch job that has been undertaken and somehow the community must accept it as evidence of caring for the sportspeople there.

Sport as community development It is unfortunate that our politicians are busying themselves with unprecedented expenditures related to preparations for the Cricket World Cup 2007 without any modicum of the immense potential of sport as a vehicle for community development.
There was a time when the likes of Project Promotions here followed the lead of several NGOs globally in being possessive of the grossly myopic stance towards sport. They did not see it falling within their remit as a vehicle of community development.
Today all that has changed.
The reality is that sport brings communities together.
The provision of adequate facilities for communities across the nation has a fundamental role to play in the forging and maintenance of strong community bonding.