Needed: A Sports Facilities’ policy

The local politicians seem not to understand or appreciate the truism that sport can and must be treated as an integral component of any genuine national development strategy. Too many of the policy shapers and makers are devoid of this understanding and appreciation. They cannot bring themselves to seeing sport as anything more than frivolity hence their continued failure to allocate adequate resources to this important component of national life.
The world is now replete with examples of the way in which sport has led to improved well being among populations and impacted productivity. There are endless examples of sport as a significant contributor to the national purse.
The wheel does not have to be reinvented here. We need only engage people with an understanding of sport and who possess the vision and the will to make a difference. If only the politicians will confine their egos and allow appropriately qualified personnel to do the work in respect of fashioning us a sports development strategy that would bring sporting activities on the front burner of development objectives we would certainly do better at the provision of quality facilities, enhance the coaching process, provide top level competitions and host more regional and international events.
We need only possess the will to do what is required and allocate adequate resources to the sports development process.
We are already significantly far behind the rest of the world in placing sports on the table of national discourse.