Netball must revisit development strategy

The entire region needs to become involved in a move for change in the way the respective countries plan, manage, promote and play the game of Netball. This has obviously been recognised by the leadership of both AFNA and IFNA. It is the reason why the afternoon session of the AFNA General Meeting adopted a seminar/workshop format. The intention is to get administrators of the sport to understand and appreciate what changes are taking place at the global level and with the leadership of the international federation in the hands of a Caribbean person, there is all the more reason for our region to work more deliberately to improve their international ranking.

Administrators of the sport must adopt a more studious ap
proach to all aspects of the development of the sport at the national level and this will redound unto the regional level.

Here at home we have to take a serious look at the state of the game. We must analyse what has gone wrong and why? We must engage in strategic planning to redress the situation and adopt a new approach, consistent with our mandate from the international federation and consistent with what are the perceived national developmental objectives.

The national federation must immediately take matters in hand. The schools’ Netball programme must be assessed in the context of the changing nature of the game at the international level and fit into a broader national scheme aimed at acting as an important talent identification system. Part of this system must be a deliberate national campaign for the promotion of the sport at the community level.

Consideration should be given to having what are now Netball teams aligning themselves with existing clubs thereby creating multi-sport clubs or community-based clubs.

The national federation must reflect seriously on its current structure and determine what changes need to be made to facilitate a rebounding from its current slumber.

There is much work to be done and the time to begin is now, not tomorrow.