Netball seeks Changes

In spite of it all, however, the sport grew because of the hard work of those in the Ministry of Education at the time, especially Hermina Cambridge, as well as the leadership of the local governing body for the sport.
School rivalry was keen and principals were anxious for their institutions to do well.
Art the secondary school level the team of Lennox John as principal and Lennox Adams as the teacher responsible for sports at Bishop’s College Kingstown (BCK) became a formidable force with the institution’s netball team. For several years the school walked away with top honours.
The reign of BCK featured some exciting tussles on the courts with the Girls’ High School (GHS) that many would never forget.
BCK was so well organised in the sport of netball that out of it emerged the powerful Mitres netball team that maintained the same high standard of play eventually rising to the top of the sport in the nation alongside Joggers and Maple.
The national team of St Vincent and the Grenadines for many years held its own among the region’s best. St Vincent and the Grenadines had victories at the regional level and stood alongside Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago as the leaders of the sport in the Caribbean.
It was no surprise therefore that whenever a West Indies netball team was selected there were sure to be Vincentians included who earned their place rather than be the beneficiary of favouritism.

Current scenario
Something went wrong with netball in St Vincent and the Grenadine some time ago.
The current situation in netball is such that like so many other sporting disciplines there is something of a drop-off in participation.