Netball seeks Changes

Club structure
To be fair to the netball fraternity there has been much discussion on the current situation. Work has begun on the process of change.
During the past several weeks the Netball Association has embarked on an extended seminar where the leadership of the various affiliates were involved in discussions on the shift to a comprehensive club structure for the organisation. The idea is to do away with teams.
The argument is that teams are transient organisations that never quite become institutionalised and therefore may not be in the best interest of the development of the sport and a burden to the governing body.
While one would have expected a higher level of participation the process is nonetheless a valuable one and is in sy
nc with what many other sporting bodies are currently undertaking. Football, for example, has already announced that this was the final year in which the current spate of leagues across the nation would be permitted. It is expected that in 2009 there would be the introduction of the club structure, even if by imposition.
Netball has begun to address its problems by working with its current membership, seeking to educate, train and encourage them on to another level of organisation, administration, competence, participation and performance.
The process has begun and one would expect that if the leadership of netball wishes to effect change, greater effort would have to be made by way of deliberate follow-up training, monitoring and evaluation and further training.