Netball seeks Changes

The netball fraternity must also engage in dialogue with other sporting organisations to evaluate where synergies could be established to enhance collaboration and aid in shaping the future of the governing body and the sport in general.
There may well be a need to form multisport clubs instead of single sport, making way for fewer institutions but which are larger and better able to apply the fundamental managerial approaches deemed necessary in today’s rapidly changing global and national environment.

Caribbean Games 2009
St Vincent and the Grenadines was last represented by netball at multisport Games in March 2006 at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia. The team did not perform well.
The Inaugural Caribbean Games 2009 will offer the local fraternity another opportunity, especially with the Commonwealth Games in Delhi 2010 looming on the horizon.
The international governing body for the sport, IFNA, earlier this year introduced a ranking system and that has impacted the sport considerably. St Vincent and the Grenadines must therefore pay more to maintain and/or improve its global ranking.
The process of preparing for the Caribbean Games 2009 must begin now. The Association must pull together a squad of athletes who can be prepared in a professional manner for the task at hand. We cannot afford to have world-ranked Jamaica believe that at the Caribbean level they only need to send a second-rate team rather than their full national team. This is unacceptable and the only way to stop it is to be better prepared. Time is already not on our side.
The training squad must be exposed to more competition that means travelling or inviting other teams to come here. This involves money in very trying times. The fundraising is therefore crucial.
Success at next year’s Caribbean Games is not impossible. The Vincentian spirit is imbued with courage and commitment and eager to stand up to challenges.
Let us encourage our netball fraternity to stay the distance and reap the harvest of success.