New challenges for football

Any development plan must have as its primary objective the professionalising of the sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines, beginning with the administration of the organisation.

The time has come for the organisation to satisfy the requirements of FIFA in so far as the entrenchment of an appropriate club structure is concerned.


The FIFA now has ensured that everyone sings from the same song sheet and that sheet is responsive to FIFA's own development thrust. Thus it is that each member Federation of FIFA now has a slew of competitions at different levels in which it is expected to participate. It comes with the territory in the sense that each IF, especially those that dole out funds to aid their members in developing themselves, makes heavy demands on members to participate in their activities, particularly competitions.

Each affiliate of FIFA must therefore engage in the development process that allows for the emergence of groups of athletes, coaches and officials at every level in which the FIFA is itself involved.

If one were to analyse the FIFA programmes one would readily realise that there are enough competitions annually to engage affiliates all of the time.

FIFA has established itself as the most popular of sports, and its Men's World Cup being second only to the quadrennial Olympic Games in terms of global appeal and income. The slew of competitions is aimed at allowing football to maintain its top raking position among sports around the world.