NOC in new developmental initiatives undertaken

The coaches are operating under a Technical Director appointed by the governing body for each of the sporting disciplines and who is in turn answerable to the Executive Committee of each of these bodies.
The Technical Directors are expected to engage in detailed planning, not just for each session but for the long term. They will have their own forum and hold quarterly meetings.
At the conclusion of every phase they would make appropriate evaluations and submit recommendations to the NOC through their respective national sports associations.
Technical Directors are the ones who carry the responsibility for monitoring the performance of the coaches each week and make appropriate recommendations for their further training at regional and international institutions.
The Caravan is merely introducing fundamentals enough to enable the coaches to observe early aptitudes that point to talent among the children. However, as they show talent and commitment the better athletes are taken through to the Academy.
The Academy focuses on taking the most talented to another phase in the development of each particular discipline.
What is being proposed here is the foundation of a major National Sports Academy by starting in this fledgling manner.

Working Together
The Grassroots Talent Identification Programme undertaken by the NOC calls on the six disciplines to work together in the interest of sport generally in the country. It is expected that the national sports associations involved in the programme would seek to put an end to the claims of poaching that has been suggested in the past. Where talented athletes are identified for any particular sport, they should be encouraged to eventually go to that sporting discipline for which they display the best aptitude.
There is also a sense in which the different sporting organisations can benefit from working as a collective, sharing ideas about their different approaches in the best interest of genuine development.
Coaches of different disciplines often have more in common than is usually admitted and they can benefit from the experience facilitated by the programme.