NOC in new developmental initiatives undertaken

The interest of the individual athlete and the national interest are foremost in the programme.

The programme calls for the bringing together of more than just the coaches of the national sports associations involved. It requires the active involvement of a number of stakeholders.
Among the major stakeholders are the national sports associations, physical education specialists, nutritionists, physicians, especially with an inclination to sports medicine, sports psychologists, communications specialists and motivators. Other stakeholders are key people who have been identified in the various communities with clear leadership qualities, parents of the children and teachers in the area.
The Government institutions of the National Sports Council, the Department of Sports and the Department of Physical Education are also critical stakeholders in the programme.
The team approach to the programme is critical to its success.
All too often we have parents who are keen on having their children become involved in sports but who at the same time see this as an opportunity to simply leave them with a coach or a teacher on a Saturday morning before going about their own business. At the end of the session these parents simply have their children call them for pick-up.
The idea is to have the parents fully involved so that they can be aware of all that is taking place with their children and facilitate greater encouragement with their sporting development.
Each national sports association is affiliated to some regional and international bodies. These organisations can assist their local affiliates with the Grassroots Talent Identification Programme since most of them seek to attract athletes to their respective sporting disciplines at a very early age.
National sports associations involved in the programme are therefore expected to prevail on their regional and international bodies to lend greater support in the form of equipment and sportswear in particular to facilitate progress.

The success of any programme depends on the level of promotions that has been undertaken.
As has happened with the ROT it is important that the new initiative is supported by a compact promotional package.
The NOC has undertaken to provide television and radio advertisements promoting the programme as it moves around the country.