NOC in new developmental initiatives undertaken

Fliers have to be produced highlighting the components of the programme and the scheduled visits to the different parts of the country by the respective sporting disciplines.
Promotions should also be done by use of a mobile public address system taken around the areas designated for the various sporting disciplines. Communications must be sent to the schools in the different areas well in advance of the activities. This must be done through the Ministry of Education, which, together with the Ministry responsible for Sports and the National Sports Council, should also be facilitated with regular reports on developments in the programme.
The local media must be encouraged to become integrally involved in the promotion of the activities. They must become more interested and engage in frequent visits to sessions to conduct interviews with coaches, athletes and other stakeholders.
There also has to be a fair amount of word of mouth promotion of the programme if it is to be successful. Those involved at whatever level must seek to deliberately inform others about it and encourage broader participation.

There are many benefits to be derived from the introduction of the NOC’s Grassroots Talent Identification Pro
Athletics has enjoyed immense promotions in all of the local media. Not a week has passed during the ROT that athletics has not featured in the media. The growth in promotion of athletics has lead to renewed interest in the sport across the entire nation. As a result sponsorship for TASVG competitions has been more forthcoming than ever before in the organisation’s history.
The same strategy has to be applied by the other five national sports associations that have come on board under the NOC’s ambit.
Parents will become interested and call expressing interest in knowing when and where their children can become involved.
There will be renewed interest in coaching in the respective sporting disciplines in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
The fun component of the sessions will also ensure greater enthusiasm on the part of all those involved.