NOC in new developmental initiatives undertaken

The acquisition of uniforms and the provision of stipends for the coaches will lead to a stronger sense of responsibility among them and a higher level of professionalism in their approach to dealing with the participants.
Coaches will, of necessity, begin working more closely with each other in the preparation for each session thereby facilitating more harmony among the national coaching fraternity. We may eventually see the emergence of a National Coaches Association cutting across the various sporting disciplines and with the aforementioned six sporting disciplines as its foundation.

The TASVG Experience
TASVG completed its introduction of the ROT Programme. The Programme was officially launched on Saturday 27th August 2005.
It was a most exciting time for sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines and athletics in particular. The introduction of the ROT at the time has facilitated renewed interest in track and field athletics.
During the period that the ROT has been operational it has reached and positively impacted more than 800 athletes in different parts of St Vincent and the Grenadines, an amazing achievement.
Of these several talented athletes have been identified for inclusion in the proposed TASVG Athletics Academy, which was established here in August 2006.
There is no doubt that the second year of the programme would see many more youths coming forward to participate in the sport, taking athletics significantly further along the road to meeting the strategic objectives of both the International Association of Athletics Federation, IAAF, and the North American, Central American and Caribbean Area Association, NACAC, of making athletics the leading participatory sport for individuals in schools and in the broader Vincentian society.  
Equally, the TASVG Athletics Academy which brings together the most talented youths will prove critical to our nation’s future in the sport of athletics.

The TASVG also sought to bring together a number of sponsors, local regional and international to facilitate the ROT. Sponsors include the National Gas Company, NGC, of Trinidad and Tobago, NACAC, the NOC and Coca Cola of St Vincent and the Grenadines.
What the TASVG has been able to achieve is but the beginning of what is possible under the aforementioned broad-based NOC Grassroots Talent Identification Programme.
It is but a start. The sky is the limit.