NOC’s Grassroots Talent ID at work

Athletics has had a head start in respect of its work in the area of talent identification. Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines, TASVG, began its own talent identification programme under the coordination of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Area Association, NACAC, and the National Gas Company, NGC, of Trinidad and Tobago labeled, Right On Track, ROT, in September 2005. Since then the TASVG has pursued the stated objectives almost relentlessly under the able leadership of Technical Director, Gideon Labban.
Athletics is therefore taken to a different community in St Vincent and the Grenadines every Saturday between the hours of 9.00 am to 12:00 noon, introducing youths aged 8–15 years to four disciplines within the sport: sprinting, jumping, throwing and relays.
In the period September to December 2005, the ROT reached just under 500 athletes.
Now that the NOC has established its Grassroots Talent Identification Programme the TASVG is expected to play a leading role having gained much experience in the field.
Scores of athletes continue to be reached each Saturday morning with a number of them opting to commence training in one or other aspect of the sport.

Basketball has adopted a novel approach to the implementation of its aspect of the NOC’s Grassroots Talent Identification Programme.
Basketball’s Technical Director, Oral Roberts, and the governing body for the sport have decided to visit the same venue for three consecutive Saturdays prior to moving on to another community.
The rationale here is that the technical people believe that it requires more time for the youngsters to learn the skills being imparted and to get a feel for the sport.
Thus far the response to the basketball component of the NOC’s Grassroots Talent Identification Programme has been good.