NOC’s Grassroots Talent ID at work

The NOC’s Grassroots Talent Identification Programme facilitates the acquisition of appropriate equipment to support those who have shown early interest in joining the sport’s growing fraternity.
As is the case with the other sports associations involved in the Programme the Cycling Union has decided to move the training around the country rather than limit itself to Arnos Vale. It may nonetheless seek to maintain a presence at Arnos Vale given the response from persons in and around the Kingstown area.

Table Tennis
Table tennis has had the good fortune of being granted permission to use the building that formerly housed the Government Printery in Kingstown for use as a training and competition venue.
The central location of the venue has allowed many students in the Kingstown area to pass by out of sheer curiosity and to gradually become interested in playing the sport. This has brought a significant number of youngsters into the sport in the recent past, especially during the period when coach Dawlatly of Egypt was here under the auspices of the NOC.
Once the NOC launched its Grassroots Talent Identification Programme, the table tennis fraternity immediately began utilising its venue to conduct its Saturday sessions until it has satisfied itself that other venues around the country are adequate for its purposes.
The recent problems plaguing the Table Tennis Association has seen the NOC attempting to broker a resolution of what appears to be a resistance to adhere to its own constitution in some respects. This situation seems virtually untenable and may well impa
ct the relations between the NOC and the organisation, with possible implications for the continued involvement of the table tennis Association in the NOC’s Grassroots Talent Identification Programme.

The Tennis fraternity here has not yet commenced its involvement in the NOC’s Grassroots Talent Identification Programme.
Over the years the tennis fraternity has developed a number of coaching schools and several of their trained coaches are involved in the conduct of their own sessions on an almost daily basis.