None for Football!

Without this the authorities would either have been operating blindly or usurped the role and function of the Football Federation, the governing body for the sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Cricket cannot in the near future make any significant impact ion the Vincentian economy, CWC2007 notwithstanding.
On the other hand football can do this at any time.
Why then have we placed the emphasis on building the facility first and foremost for a CWC2007 Warm Up round, not even a competition match, while football which generates money and large enthusiastic crowds at even local games is allowed to languish?

Leadership and Responsibilities
One can suggest here that there may be many more questions than answers in respect of just how the Government can justify its approach to development in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Here is a few more of interest to all involved in sports:
How is it possible for the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance not to understand that football is indeed the game of Vincentians?
How is it possible that the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
could miss the mark so badly in terms of recognising that football is the single most attractive sport to the nation’s youths?
How is it possible that the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance could so ignore the desires of the bulk of the nation’s youths by not going ahead full speed with the National Stadium?
Is the Minister of Finance not aware of the seemingly endless possibilities in respect of the role of sport as a major income earner for countries such as St Vincent and the Grenadines?
All around us the economic has shifted significantly from primary production and we have not done well in the manufacturing sector. For the majority of us it appears that tourism is the way out of the economic malaise and critical to shaping our development.