Ole George and his walking challenges

For one thing, even the Jamaican media failed to investigate the activity enough to lend it credence, support and coverage.
The Jamaica Gleaner, one of the popular print media institutions in Jamaica, did not place the undertaking in the forefront of its publications and neither did the Jamaica Observer newspaper.
Only the Star carried something on the walk.
The Caribbean Media Corporation, CMC, did not seem to pay much attention to the walking challenge of Daniel in Jamaica.
It therefore seems that our media at the local and regional levels did not show enough interest in the walk such that they would have helped in marketing it to the global village.
If we in St Vincent and the Grenadines did not seem to think the undertaking sufficiently worthwhile to ensure that there was adequate media support and coverage for Daniel and Butcher we should not have expected the regional and international media to do it for us. We must shoulder the blame for the almost secretive exploits of the duo.

Guinness Book of Records
When Daniel was preparing for his six-day walk in St Vincent in 2005, he had communicated with the authorities for the Guinness Book of Records.
At the time of communicating back then Daniel was informed that there was no category into which his exploits could have been included in the world-renowned publication. The authorities also indicated that there was no consideration being given for the inclusion of a category that would cover Daniel’s undertaking.
Our understanding today is that the authorities at the prestigious Guinness Book of Records still maintain the same stance they adopted in 2005.

World Record
Daniel is also desirous of his achievement being seen as a world record. This is yet to be seen.
There is no organisation that today has any listing of world records that includes a category such as that which Daniel would wish to have his exploits considered.