Ole George and his walking challenges

It means therefore that if Daniel and all of St Vincent and the Grenadines wishes to have his seven-day walk without sleep considered as a world record the necessary global search would have to be undertaken by Daniel or others working with him.
They would have to establish that throughout the world there has never been anyone who would have walked for more than seven days without sleeping.
In the case of getting a world record and/or forcing the authorities at the Guinness Book of Records to include Daniel’s exploits as a new category, those responsible for his management would have to provide all of the details.
For example:

  • How long does Daniel walk before he takes a rest, however brief?
  • How long are this and other rest periods during the walk?
  • How frequent are these rest periods?
  • What is the distance covered?
  • What is nature of the terrain?
  • What is the level and nature of the support provided to the walkers?
  • How many hours are actually spent walking?

The idea of pressuring international organisations to recognise the achievements of Daniel and Butcher goes beyond merely writing to them. It involves a much more scientific approach to chronicling their performances without undue biases.
We simply have to do the work and do it properly.
Our work must stand up to international scrutiny.

Place in Vincentian and Caribbean Sporting History
There is little doubt that Daniel and Butcher have both earned their respective places in Vincentian history, well beyond the sporting segment. They have shown by their achievements that Vincentians are capable of undertaking major challenges and creating niches for themselves.