Ole George and his walking challenges

Unfortunately, given the poor media coverage and generalised media interest globally we cannot say that they have brought the name of St Vincent and the Grenadines onto the world stage as yet. This seems some way off.

A Dose of Realism – Frivolity
As Vincentians, we are all proud of the achievement of Daniel and would want to wish him continued success in his future undertakings.
Daniel has however been shocked at the failure of the political authorities here to really acknowledge his contribution to St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Following his local six-day achievement he thought that the promises made by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, at the conclusion of the walk at Heritage Square, to assist his walking partner, Joel Butcher, with accessing a home and electricity and the like would have materialised.
It remains to this day a very painful reality that Butcher not only did not get the promised goodies but that the little he had was stolen from him.
Yes, thieves broke into his hovel and stole what little he had.
Following the completion of their ‘Walk St Vincent,’ Daniel and Butcher were dubbed heroes. We may have been a little too anxious to dub them national heroes but perhaps in a number of ways they were and still are.
The two crossed the political divide in so far as their walking achievements have garnered national support. Their walks have engendered the essence of togetherness as a nation rallying behind a single cause as has not happened in this country for decades. That may well be the reason that they have not gained the national recognition of the authorities that some would have expected.
Perhaps had they been political they would long since have been given governmental acclaim.
To the politicians at the helm of this country and too much of the media here and in the Caribbean sport is still frivolity, nothing more. Until such time as there is a fundamental change of attitude amongst the politicians and the media we will forever be condemned to seeing Daniel and Butcher as nothing more than two individual Vincentians with nothing better to do with their time.
After all, they only walk.