Ole George and his walking challenges

One could not have bee
n satisfied with the preparations for Daniel’s major walk in 2006.
Initially, we were told that the walk would have taken place between the USA and Canada, linking two major cities. The intention here was really to ensure that the event generated the type of publicity that could possibly pressure the authorities of the Guinness Book of Records to establish the walking feat as a new category in their annual production.
The planners seemed to have encountered a number of problems that caused the shift of venue for the walk over to Kingston, Jamaica.
Perhaps there was a case of having too many planners or listening to too many people all at the same time but the arrangements for this year’s walk did not seem sufficiently settled to have garnered the support of even the local media.
NICE radio, the only media house that stayed the entire course with Daniel and Butcher when they walked St Vincent, remained in constant contact with them during the Jamaica walk.
Surely there needs to be a more concerted effort made to professionalise the operations that involved two Vincentians who dare challenge the existing world order in terms of walking.
Only such an approach will guarantee a level of planning that would bring all Vincentians on board in terms of support. This support includes the Government, the private sector and all the various stakeholders in sport in the nation.
Sponsorship is a major factor on such an occasion and it needs to receive much more attention than has hitherto been the case.
We cannot be anxious to bask in the glory of the outstanding achievements on the part of Daniel and Butcher yet fail to facilitate their adequate preparation for such undertakings and offer yeoman support all along the way.