Ole George and Joel Butcher – Heroes or Villains?

In January 1999 Ole George had an idea. He wanted to see how long it would take him to walk from Georgetown to Rose Bank. He had no idea what the task really involved but he felt certain that he was up to the challenge. Armed with a backpack that contained six bottles of Gatorade and two bottles of water, he paid a taxi $125 to take him to Georgetown, and in the darkness of night began his first walk.
The trek from Georgetown to Rose Bank took George 17 hours.
As if motivated by some internal force to challenge his will and his physical well being, George then decided later in the year to walk from Richmond to Fancy, again, all by himself. This walk lasted 24 hours.
Where most individuals would have ended it there, George wanted to see how long it would take to walk the opposite direction, from Fancy to Richmond, a trip that lasted 25 hours.

In 2000 George decided to further challenge his fitness. He paid more attention to preparing himself and opted to walk from Chateaubelair to Georgetown, back to Chateaubelair then back to Georgetown to Chateaubelair again and eventually ending in Kingstown. This feat lasted three days.

In 2001 George indicated that he wanted to walk from Richmond to Fancy and back to Kingstown. While readying himself he was called by an individual who indicated that he wanted to join him in the undertaking.
On arriving at the start in Richmond George did not see Butcher. When the time came to start he did not tarry and he left without Butcher.