Ole George and Joel Butcher – Heroes or Villains?

George had never seen Butcher and did not know anything about him. While on his way however, George saw a garbage truck pull up alongside at Mt Wynne and a man came off. The man simply said, “George, Butcher here man”. Butcher immediately began walking along with George. That was to be the case ever since, through to the current period.

The year 2002 witnessed George and Butcher engaging themselves in small walks around St Vincent. This period served to cement the walking relationship between the two and a growing recognition by Vincentians of their determination. They grew in confidence both in respect of their own capabilities and in each other. They became an important team.
Rather interestingly, however, the two men went about their preparations for each walk very differently.

George and Butcher moved on to Barbados. They went there to walk around the island. The feat took 17 hours.
During the Barbados walk the two men recall an incident where one woman in St Lucy called out to them as they passed by asking, “Sonny Boys, What wunna doing”? The responded that they were walking around Barbados. The woman looked at them for a while then asked, “Wunna mothers know wunna doing that”?

During the year 2004 George planned a very special walk. He wanted to get their achievements known and recognised in the international arena. He decided to undertake a six-day walk around St Vincent and the Grenadines.
NICE Radio gave an undertaking to be a partner, giving live coverage for the entire period and staying with the two men as they trekked through every nook and cranny in St Vincent. The media house also provided the team with a mobile public address system to allow for the public to be called out as the two approached their respective Villages.