Ole George and Joel Butcher – Heroes or Villains?

Lance John, at the time heavily involved with the ECGC, gave an undertaking on behalf of the company to be a part sponsor of the walk.
It was the first time that Vincentians had become so engrossed in the performances of George and Butcher and everywhere they came out in their numbers, all wishing the two would succeed.
The six-day walk concluded in South River Road where the public showed their appreciation to the two for their achievements.
It is at this very conclusion, however, that some promises were made by government officials that are yet to be fulfilled. Joel Butcher never asked for anything. He was promised a home. He is still waiting.

In 2006 George and Butcher decided to walk in Jamaica and to extend their days of consecutive walking to seven. They achieved this feat when they walked rather consistently and in the eyes of countless Jamaicans around Emancipation Park in the city of Kingston.
Their remarkable achievement earned the respect and admiration of all Jamaicans.

In 2007 George and Butcher walked around St Vincent and the Grenadines yet again. This time they did it in seven days and one hour, eclipsing the achievement of the previous year in Jamaica.

George and Butcher were approached to join forces with the Rotary Club International in an effort to raise funds for a hospital in the USA. The activity was part of a major fundraising effort on the part of the internationally renowned organisation.
Originally the two wanted to walk in England. Then they were to walk from Canada to the USA. In the end they had to settle for walking around Prospect Park in New York. They took an unbelievable eight days, 22 – 30 August.