Olympic Education – critical to our development

Olympic Solidarity
Olympic Solidarity is the development arm of the International Olympic Committee.
The monies of Olympic Solidarity come from revenues from television rights secured for the Games.
Mission of Olympic Solidarity is to plan, organise and oversee the implementation of programmes of assistance to NOCs, with particular emphasis on those most in need. This mission is linked to the mission of NOCs – to develop, promote and protect the Olympic Movement in their respective countries.
The NOC has always sought to make fullest possible use of the programmes offered by the IOC through Olympic Solidarity, its development arm. There have been several educational programmes targeting the different sectors involved in sport.

Technical Courses
The NOC has, since 1989, been accessing technical courses offered through Olympic Solidarity. The major beneficiaries have been athletics, football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, table tennis and cycling.
In 1989, boxing held a course under the leadership of Tom Coulter of the USABF at the old Ambassador’s Club, Edinboro, 7 – 23 March. Later, basketball held a programme, conducted by Victor O’Garro of Trinidad and Tobago, 15 – 30 April.
In 1990, athletics held a course during the period, 23-29 July under the leadership of Orlando Greene, Conrad Francis and Loren Seagrave. Table tennis held its course under Britain’s David Fairholm, during the period 8-19 November.
Basketball, cycling, volleyball, football and tennis have also been beneficiaries of such technical courses aimed at developing the nation’s coaches. These programmes have been held annually and continue to be held. In the current quadrennium, 2005-8, the NOC has a total of 10 courses to distribute among affiliates.