Olympic Education – critical to our development

The NOC has also made available to national sports associations a number of longer-term programmes where an international expert, approved by the International Federation spend between four-to-six months in the country developing a national sports structure for the particular discipline. Athletics, basketball and table tennis have thus far been beneficiaries of this programme.

Itinerant School for Sports Leaders
The NOC held its first Itinerant School for Sports Leaders, commonly called, Sports Leadership Course, 22-27 August 1988. The Course Directors were Don Anthony of the UK, Rupert Lake of Antigua and Barbuda and Keith Joseph of St Vincent and the Grenadines.
The Itinerant School seeks to educate sports leaders at the level of associations and clubs, as well as coaches and teachers, about the Olympic Movement in particular and sport in general. It addresses critical issues in an ever-evolving dynamic arena.
The NOC hosts several Programmes for sports leaders across the State. In 2006, courses were held with the North Leeward Sports Association and the Barrouallie Sports Association. The intention is to bring sports leadership training to all parts of the nation.

UNESCO Sports Programme
Following some heavy negotiations, the NOC was able to join forces with the Ministry of Education and Sports to host a UNESCO sponsored National Sports Camp at Arnos Vale, 23rd July – 4th August 1993.
There were no sessions on 25th July 25, 1st and 2nd August.
The disciplines involved were track and field athletics, football, netball and cricket.
Teachers and students were involved in all the sessions. The students were to have been under 17-years-old. There were five coaches from each participating discipline and a total of eighty youths.
Personnel from the Ministry of Sports, National Sports Council, NOC and the Sports Medicine Association were to be included among the lecturers as well.
By the time the programme had concluded, some 150 persons were involved in the exercise.