Olympic Education – critical to our development

Academy Sessions
The NOA also conducts deliberate Academy Sessions. The first two were held in 1996.
The first was held 17-19 May while the second was conducted 22-24 November.
Both sessions involved teachers and other interested persons. These sessions focus on Olympic education and explored different ways of approaching this subject.

Since having been established therefore the NOC has established itself as a bastion of education and through this, development, of our people.
The NOC remains committed to providing educational opportunities for the children and youths of St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Greater involvement in the programmes of the schools would be ideal. We are not there yet.
Perhaps the fact of physical education being a CXC subject area would open up opportunities for the educative work of the NOC to impact the broader national education programme of our children and youths.
It is never too late to save our society.