Orde Ballantyne’s principled stand

Ballantyne’s stance
Ballantyne appealed to let good sense prevail. Unfortunately for Ballantyne he failed to understand that in the heat of election campaigns it is not normal for good sense to prevail.
Consideration for the thousands of dollars spent on the rehabilitation of the Grammar School Playing Field seemed to have meant little to the leadership of the ULP.
In a sense, like most other things it merely seemed that it was one of those situations that would later be fixed.
Ballantyne stood on principle. He cautioned against its usage and eventually when the party insisted and went ahead, he submitted his resignation.
While to many loyal supporters of the ULP Ballantyne’s resignation is neither here nor there, it is a truism that he has stood up for sports.
Ballantyne made the point that the actions of the ULP meant that he no longer had any moral authority over the field. The many athletes whom he begged to understand that his approach to the management of the facility, though seemingly harsh, was so that the vast majority rather than the small minority would benefit.
His loss of that authority came early enough as one athlete informed him that it was not possible for him to be stopped from using the field in poor weather conditions since it was duly approved for use in extremely bad weather by the ruling political party of the day.
Ballantyne’s concern was for the seeming insensitivity on the part of the party involved.
Knowing Ballantyne, it does not matter which political party was involved. The principle would have been the same.
His resignation is reflective of an independent individual who prefers to stand on principle rather than play politics.
Where the majority can benefit the course of action is always in their favour. When that is not adhered to the man of true worth must step down in principle.
Ballantyne acted on principle.
St Vincent and the Grenadines can do with a few more principled man and women who would not allow politics to dissuade th
em from doing what is right.