Our Agricultural Playpen – the Grammar School Playing Field

There seems to be a sense of, ‘we can destroy it and re-build it’. Indeed that was the sentiments flowing across the country when sportspeople criticised the ruling party for having destroyed the same Grammar School Playing Field some years ago in the process of launching its candidates for the pending general elections. At that time heavy rains flooded parts of the field and the organisers of the rally allowed trucks weighed down by heavy loads to traverse the field of play, one of them eventually getting stuck in the mud-slush generated by their constant mobility.
The Grammar School Playing Field possesses the potential to be one of the best facilities for sport in the nation. Unfortunately for all of the years that it has been refurbished and the like the only period when it was maintained in a manner consistent with its vast potential was when Orde Ballantyne was left in charge of the Committee overseeing its management. Readers may well remember what had caused Orde Ballantyne to part company with this unrequited task.

If we must
If we must use the Grammar School Playing Field for activities other than sort then care must be taken to adequately plan for these in a most comprehensive manner. Consideration must be given to the current usage and the likely impact that the new activity may have on them.
Consultation with all stakeholders is an imperative. Stakeholders must not learn of the ceding of the facility to another entity for another purpose by way of a radio/television news broadcast or by word of mouth from someone who has received that information rather informally. There must be discussions with everyone involved and the most suitable time for all be arrived at.
Even when the decision is taken to use the facility for something like an Agricultural Exhibition care must be taken to employ all the necessary mechanisms that would minimise the long term negative consequences of such an activity.
Over time, due consideration must be given to the creation of a facility that would soon enough become home to such other activities such that the Grammar School Playing Field or any other outdoor sports arena is not so compromised as is currently the case.