Our CWC2007 Preparations

If that was the case why did the ICC seek to change it when the event is being held in the Caribbean and where travel is so expensive and the economies so disparate in terms of general well-being?
What were our governments thinking?
Were they merely interested in bragging rights?
Perhaps it is a case of the authorities being hopeful that once the facilities are provided the sport of cricket will suddenly revive itself.
Where are the development plans of the West Indies Cricket Board?
What has been the impact of the strategies the WICB has been seeking to implement for the salvation of the sport in this Caribbean?
Many of the governments have been lost in a sort of cricket wilderness where they have forgotten that there is something known as reality.

Heavy capital expenditures
There may well be reason enough to believe that even now, before the commencement of the World Cup, many of our Caribbean Governments are unaware of precisely why they would have committed themselves to some of the heady capital expenditures they have made.
Perhaps it is a matter of pride or rather a matter of shame.
Our political leaders are embarrassed at the almost obscene expenditures in which they have immersed their respective countries without adequate advance planning.
Many of the governments have been unable to explain just what has happened.
Here in St Vincent and the Grenadines we have engaged in the development of facilities without adequate cost benefit analysis.
We have spent millions on a sport that has shown no real penchant for survival and where other sporting disciplines are on the rise but do not receive the requisite attention.
Here at home we may well have engaged in some wasteful expenditures.