Our CWC2007 Preparations

Would the LOC inform us whether or not we were required to lay the same surface for the entire playing fields being used for training and the actual warm up games or were we not instead only expected to guarantee that the wickets were of the same nature?
While we were busy spending monies to ensure that all playing fields being used were of the same expensive nature others in the region merely made certain that the wickets were of the same nature. Check out the playing filed at La Sagesse in Grenada as an example.

The overlay
Almost all of the countries hosting the Cricket World Cup have found themselves with relatively heavy expenditures on what is termed Overlays.
The peoples of the region may not all have been exposed to precisely how some of the expenditures of the various organising committees have been made.
The Overlays are very expensive.
We see them as the large white tents located on Arnos Vale II. They are frightfully expensive.
Would the Local Organising Committee tell this nation just what are the costs involved in the renting of the fanciful tents that are now located at Arnos Vale II?
Why is it that the Vincentian public, whose tax payers monies are being used to cover our costs related to the hosting of warm up matches, are not being exposed to the detailed breakdown of the financial expenditures for the different components dealt with here?
One of the considerations that bother Vincentians is that if they do cost a pretty penny why did we not invest in securing more permanent structures to satisfy the requirements of the World Cup and which could serve us well in future undertakings.
Another consideration is why was it deemed necessary for us to have so many when we are merely hosting warm up matches?
At one stage we were of the view that Arnos Vale II was one of the facilities being significantly upgraded with the same type of surface like the other grounds being used during the time the teams are here for the warm up matches.