Our CWC2007 Preparations

Suddenly, however, we are witnessing the mushrooming of the overlay on Arnos Vale II to such an extent that it is virtually impossible for us to see that arena experience any significant change from what it was previously.
For years the netball fraternity here cautioned patrons and players alike to desist from walking on the surface of the four netball courts at Arnos Vale with high heel shoes. This was because the cost of the surface was high and that it needed adequate maintenance.
Today it is heart-rending to witness that a massive tent has been placed on one of the courts and that there are several large bolts inserted into the foundation to maintain the structure.
At the conclusion of the CWC2007, the Netball court at Arnos Vale will be a disaster or approaching that state at the very least. One is not certain about the availability of financial resources to do the extensive repairs that will be necessary if the facility is to regain some of its former stature.
It appears that the National Sports Council, under whose management the nation’s sports facilities (with the exception of the Victoria Park) fall, may not have been appropriately informed of the precise nature of what was going to be done with the Netball court and that some of its members were simply amazed and shocked when they saw it.
It should be noted here that the Local Organising Committee of the CWC2007 was given managerial and other rights to the facilities at Arnos Vale, Stubbs and Victoria Park until after the Cricket World Cup.
It also does appear that the Netball Association was not duly informed of the course of action being undertaken.
It does not matter that the facilities belong to the National Sports Council and not the Netball
Association. It is an act of courtesy to inform the governing body for the sport and to have them involved.
But it does appear that the CWC2007 is not at all about involvement.
There must be concern in other quarters about the damage to other facilities.
The St Vincent Grammar School Playing Field and the Calliaqua Playing Field have both been earmarked for use as parking lots for the warm up matches.
The government of this country, utilising funds from the National Lottery, has expended millions of dollars on several previous occasions to develop the Grammar School Playing Field only to engage in actions that seem to undo all that has been undertaken.
The most recent damage to the Grammar School Playing Field was the use of the facility for a political rally in inclement weather. It took several months and lots of dollars to bring it back to some semblance of acceptability.