Our CWC2007 Preparations

Now we are threatening to have a similar situation by deeming it suited to parking.
There seems something wrong with adopting a stance that on the one hand purports to be constructive while at the same time engages in the damage and possible destruction of other facilities.
Perhaps the most disturbing feature of the CWC2007 is the way in which the flow of information has been managed. Perhaps we should instead say, how it has not been managed for this is what appears to be the case.

There is a major nightmare in respect of travel in the Caribbean under normal circumstances. For the Cricket World Cup these problems will be considerably exacerbated.
Suffice it to say here that the closure of BWIA and the commencement of operations by Caribbean Airlines have not helped as many people are waiting to measure the effectiveness of the new enterprise.
The Liat/Caribbean Star project and the closure of Caribbean Sun do not appear to be in the best interest of the CWC2007.
Both projects have come much too close to the World Cup.
While the CWC2007 will ensure that participating teams do get around via the necessary charters the supporters are not in receipt of similar guarantees. One can readily see the weekly traffickers having to do that much more to ensure that they ply their trade uninterrupted.
One can expect crowded airports and furious travellers.

Skewed Development
The region has lost the initiative it once had in the sport of Cricket.
There was a time the West Indies team, initially through the action of Deryck Murray, introduced the all-pace attack that was later to take precedence as our modus operandi. For years following that vein we ruled the Cricket world.