Our Sad World Cup Sojourn

The outcome of the General Meeting meant in a very real sense something akin to a burning of bridges between regimes, a feat that led the preparatory exercise along the wrong path. Indeed the preparations should have begun under the former regime and with the former coach and his staff. The new regime took on the services of Roger Gurley and only latterly engaged the services of a new coach whose own performance record seemed no more impressive than the one he replaced here.
The team’s performance showed a definite lack of preparation of the order that would have allowed us to provide some serious opposition to the Canadians.
The leadership of the Federation seemed incapable of offering the football loving fans in St Vincent and the Grenadines something substantive about the newly appointed coach enough to have satisfied them. There were no outstanding credentials and hence the public could not have felt at any time that Vincy Heat was in a preparatory mode that could engender confidence in the loyal supporters. This may well be the reason why the masses simply did not turn up at Arnos Vale to support the national team in the first game against the Canadians.
There was also the matter of access to adequate playing fields.
After much running around the Federation was granted access to the Buccament playing field where the facilities are anything but adequate. It was a great burden to the Federation to get the players to and from this facility on the days of practice to say nothing of the difficulties attendant to getting them there on time.
Training was never satisfactory and the staff knew this and complained about it. The harsh reality is that the best facilities for playing football are also those set aside for the cricket and the latter are still unavailable for the most part.
The Vincy Heat team was therefore under prepared.

There is perhaps reason enough for us to believe that Vincy Heat was in a state of denial going into the game against Canada at Arnos Vale on 15 June 2008. They must have been in this mode.