Our Sad World Cup Sojourn

The fact is that the coaching of the team in the preparatory phase failed to have the players where they should have been in terms of fitness and game strategy when coming up against the Canadians. We saw signs of this when we played Grenada here at home, at the Victoria Park. We were also not at all impressive against Guyana. Indeed, in the several matches played by way of warm up preparations for the Canadians we failed to excite even our Vincentians let alone the opposition. For their part the Canadians were doing very well. Their game against Brazil which saw them ahead at one stage only to lose in the final stages was significantly impressive. Vincy Heat never looked comparable to the national representative team that humiliated Jamaica before their home crowd in the regional tournament last year. We proved this point by allowing the Jamaicans to hammer us in Jamaica, wreaking sweet and embarrassing revenge against us. No one could really explain why we would have ever wanted to play Jamaica in Kingston after having upset them in the Digicel Tournament last year. Surely the Jamaicans would not have allowed lightning to strike in the same place twice.
Despite our poor playing in the preparatory phase the Federation naively thought that the Vincentian fans would not know the difference. There was actually no way that the Federation could have engendered confidence in a lack lustre team.
The Federation was as much in denial as the players themselves.
Additionally, there was a sense in which the team’s management appeared not sufficiently eager to bring the younger players on board the team in training. The ease with which the staff returned to the old heads, hands and legs meant that we were going into the game against Canada severely handicapped. There were simply far too many players in the mid thirties and above on the team and they were not of the calibre of Zenadine Zidane.
Generally there was an urgent need for fresh legs on the Vincentian team.
The fact of the matter is that in the game Canada outclassed Vincy Heat in every department of the game.

The promotion of the game against Canada scheduled for Arnos Vale was not at all well promoted. Given the poor performances of the team in the lead up to the game the Federation should have known that it needed to place far more emphasis on the promotion if a good and supportive crowd was to be on hand. This did not happen.