Our Sad World Cup Sojourn

In the end, the promotion of the game against Canada was as putrid as the team’s preparation for the game. The low attendance statistics were a reflection of both the poor performances prior to the game and the poor promotion strategy.

While one understands the attempts made by the government to lend support to the Federation so that it could have enjoyed a better showing in the World Cup Preliminaries, the evidence suggests that there was failure all around.
The government does not really have the commitment to sport that it so often professes. The interest really is not there and hence there is no definitive plan for sport development that is being followed. It is generally all adhocracy.
The government is tinkering at the fringes without any genuine understanding of what is required to harness the downward slide currently plaguing sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
The panacea being presented to the Vincentian masses by the government appears to be to look in the direction of Cuba for everything. That is not going to work. Cuba is not proficient in everything. There are ‘horses for courses’.
The time has come for us to get serious about sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
What has happened with football can happen with other sports in the state.
What is necessary is for sporting organisations to professionalise themselves either independently or as a collective. They must plan for the long, medium and short terms ensuring at all times that they are in pursuit of a mission and vision which have given rise to clear objectives.
The role of government is to chart the development path of the country and to allow organisations to sufficiently empower themselves to engage in this process. Sporting organisations must take up the challenge. They must avoid a total reliance on the government, particularly one which consistently fails to see the importance of sport to national development in the same manner that it has come to endorse the role of culture.