Our World Cup Legacy

The other sporting disciplines of Athletics, Football and Rugby, all users of Arnos Vale, have been seemingly exempted from being consulted in any meaningful way on developments at the refurbished facility. The decision-making at almost every level has been influenced by the demands of Cricket and no other sport.
In Jamaica critics have asked fundamental questions about the developments in Trelawney since the culture of the community does not readily lend itself to the kind of changes that have been imposed on them.
In Guyana it appears that the governing body for the sport is not in any way anxious to take responsibility for the ownership and maintenance of the new facility developed for the CWC2007. Instead it leaves that responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the government. Here again the reason is simple. The maintenance requirements may well be beyond the capability of the association.
Barbados seems to have organised itself for the future and may well have understood perhaps more than any other LOC the precise meaning of the term legacy. However, it remains a shame to many that the country that considers itself in possession of the Mecca of Cricket in the Caribbean – Kensington Oval – did not see it fit to install lights at the venue given the global drift towards day-night matches in Cricket.

Sports Tourism
The view has been mooted in several quarters that given that all of the countries involved in the CWC2007 now have the capability to host major Cricket matches in the future and therefore we can witness a significant increase in Cricket competitions or activities involving the sport. It is also expected that this will bolster sports tourism in these countries in particular.
Off the top of one’s head that seems and sounds logical. The reality may be something quite different.
Cricket is one of the dying sports in the Caribbean. The game has failed to engender the enthusiasm of old. Evidence of this was the poor attendance at the recent semi finals and final of the KFC Cup, a one-day series, in St Vincent and the Grenadines.