Our World Cup Legacy

Decidedly poor planning and the failure to energise itself in the region together with the very weak organisation of Cricket competitions in the region has meant a loss of interest in the sport at the regional and national levels in the Caribbean.
Outside of Barbados, not one of the other countries involved in the CWC2007 appears to have as yet engaged in any sort of medium and long term strategic planning for the optimal use of the refurbished and/or new facilities.
There is nothing in West Indies Cricket at any level to suggest to us that St Vincent and the Grenadines will be host to more Cricket matches on an annual basis than currently obtains.
Indeed we may well conclude that for the most part the much-vaunted sports tourism legacy may be more expressions of hope than reality.

In all of the Caribbean countries playing host to the CWC2007 attempts have been made to develop a cadre of volunteers to meet the requirements of the event. Here again the responses of the various countries have differed considerably.
While some have been late in seeking out appropriate people for training and others have been pulling hairs from their heads, others have established a more professional approach.
In some cases the country has utilised the opportunity afforded by the hosting of the CWC2007 to develop a national Volunteer Corps. Essentially therefore, one important legacy in such cases is the fact that some countries that are serious about sports tourism now have available to them a corps of individuals and groups that have been trained and who may well make themselves available for the hosting of future sporting events.
Instead of having to reinvent the wheel as it were, some countries could easily aid the sporting bodies in bidding to host regional and international sporting events on a regular basis such as would engender greater income-earning capacity from a professional sports tourism thrust.