Our World Cup Legacy

Organisational skills
The hosting of the CWC2007 has facilitated, in some cases, the bringing together of several professional people in a sports-organisational framework in pursuit of a common objective.
The approach here mentioned means that in each of the countries involved in the hosting of matches there should now be a cadre of competent persons capable of engaging their skills to organise future sporting events in the interest of national development.
It is unfortunate though that in a number of countries the Cricket fraternity and the politicians have sought to keep the organisation for the CWC2007 in a manner akin to a secret lodge, leaving everything to a select few and in a number of instances deliberately omitting some highly qualified and experienced personnel. In this sense there was no real attempt at bringing together the very best minds and expertise available in some countries to ensure optimal success.
In the case of St Vincent and the Grenadines, for example, the two most recent university graduates in Sports management were not in any serious way involved in the organisation of the warm up matches. Maybe it was all a case of adopting an approach that saw the event as merely hosting warm up matches and therefore saw no real benefit in seeking assistance from such new-found expertise.
Small wonder then that young graduates are frustrated and are forced to find work elsewhere their intellect and newly acquired skills are considered valuable and eagerly put to use.
The end result therefore is that in some countries the legacy will witness a corps of competence at the level of sports management skills. In some other countries we will have accepted mediocrity and called it our best.

The Bid process
The various governing bodies of the cricketing nations of the Caribbean had to engage themselves in a Bid Process to earn the right to host matches in the CWC2007. For many of them this was the first time that they were ever engaged in such a practice.