Our World Cup Legacy

It remains one of the surprising features among sporting organisations in the Caribbean that Cricket in the region seemed
not to have had much experience in having to bid for anything. One can only hazard a guess that this may well have to do with the very low value of regional and Cricket competitions that no one really wants to bid for them. The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) itself such a weak organisation has been unable to elevate the standard of any regional competition to the level where they warrant a Bid process of some substance.
Of course, since many had no prior experience, they immediately sought help from outside. This is consistent with the legacy of centuries of slavery and colonialism. Rather than first explore the home front for pertinent expertise it was in many cases assumed that none existed and therefore the first and perceived best option was to look elsewhere.
Whatever about the final outcome there is little doubt that in each of the participating countries some attempt was made at preparing a Bid Document, a common feature among international and increasingly among regional sporting bodies. This should count for something.

The major challenge in the CWC2007 legacy is really the ability of the region’s governments to maintain the spate of facilities that they have constructed, especially in light of the fact that the game continues to follow the path of the West Indies Cricket team in so far as rapid loss of popularity among the masses is concerned.
In Grenada the new cricket facilities at the Queen’s Park has sparked much debate about what can be done following the conclusion of the CWC2007. The former Chairman of the Stadium Committee there has already indicated that he does not wish to have anything to do with it following the World Cup. The reason is simple. When the stadium was considerably smaller in nature than is now the case the then Committee of Management was told that the government did not have the resources to maintain it. The Committee therefore had to engage in a series of activities to raise the needed funds and still found it a very difficult task.